Organizing your photos should be simple and even a little fun.

Easily upload and quickly manage your photos in your Snapshots Studio Panel — the best way to organize photos.

Goodbye folders.
Hello tags.

Searching for that one photo in a collection of thousands can be frustrating. That's why we've come up with a better solution...tags. You can have lots of tags for a single photo so you and your clients can find it in one click. Tagging works for collecting a group of photos too. It's magical.

Custom Galleries.

Add your photos to galleries that are tailored for and viewable by a specific audience.


Access your Snapshots Studio Panel from wherever you are - home office desktop, coffee shop laptop, or your favorite beach mobile device.

More fabulous features.

Unlimited Storage

Create lots of events and fill them with lots of photos.

Super Secure

All your photos are backed up using Amazon Web Services.

Batch Upload

Upload multiple photos at once - quick and easy!


Leave your mark on every photo.

Custom Covers

Set a cover photo for each event and make a great first impression.

Photo Downloads

Need immediate access to your photos? Download them right from the Studio Panel.